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5 Trending tips to look flawless for the holidays!

By Ingrid Fajardo / Published on Saturday, 10 Dec 2016 19:27 PM / No Comments / 380 views


Holiday Party Prep with Yarel Ramos: 5 Tips & Tricks to Look Flawless


1. Dry Shampoo or No Shampoo Save: If your hair is naturally curvy-wavy like mine, it cooperates best after you’ve skipped a few washes. I love to incorporate dry shampoo in my routine to add volume and style to my liking, but if you don’t have any on hand or run out, try this: Frizz it up, part your hair, curl it, pin it and then drop the pins before you start styling it. 
2. For my highlight queens: I love the highlight dewy glow, so I always like to spray my face with rose water. Also, putting a few cucumber slices on my eyes and drinking lots of water helps my skin to feel more hydrated. 
3. Jaw-dropping lashes: I always curl my eyelashes – I have long ones, but not curly. The best trick is to turn on your blow dryer and warm up your eyelash curler; it’s the BEST way to curl your lashes. Trust me. You won’t need falsies, it’s like you are using a hot hair curler!
4. Dance sans the sweat (and odor): I am very particular about odor and I have found out that the best way to not to sweat as much when getting ready is to put a paper towel under my arms and then before changing into my outfit, I apply my go-to deodorant, Dove Dry Spray. It lasts 48hrs and goes on instantly dry leaving no visible white residue, which is one less thing I need to worry about, no matter where night takes me.
5. Rock a killer mani: If you’re opting for a more conservative look for the office holiday party, take it up a notch with a unique manicure. Try oval nails with cute embellishments or a cool gel nail graphic – these can carry you through multiple holiday gatherings as well, double win!  

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